Amongst Others S/S 2018 Collection


Lifestyle and streetwear brand Amongst Others has recently released it’s latest collection with a look book to showcase it’s newest pieces. The book is laced with imaginative collages that will grab you and thrust you right into the feeling of the grit of New York City. Amongst Others, founded in August 2014 is a brand that fills a gap. Amongst Others founder Milk (check title) describes their brand as an answer to what they saw as a decline in authenticity in the lifestyle and streetwear brands they had once loved. Amongst Others is meant for the individual, according to Milk “…when you’re wearing our shit you feel like a real individual, while everybody else is uniformed or doing and wearing the same things. Everything we do is like the opposite of what everyone else is doing…”

Their newest collection, a Spring drop that released April 27th, is based off of Wild’s love for music, with pieces referencing live concerts from some of his favorite artists. Wild tells us, “There were different elements in each product, from “The Medic Team” tee which was a flip on concert staff/nurses during Beatlemania, Micheal Jackson’s Bad Tour, and Rolling Stones concerts, to “The Other Records” tee which was inspired by OG rap and jazz labels that I grew up on.” This newest drop is sure to bring the highest levels of quality and individuality that Wild strives to achieve with every collection, ensuring that authentic streetwear will live on.




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