tRapper Vitto Banks is “94% trap & 6% rap”


On the opposite side of the tracks from a Kid Cudi or even a Q-money, is Vitto Banks (@Vittobanks). “94% trap & 6% rap” is his motto. I had the opportunity to speak with Mutt, one of Bank’s artists, concerning the “Free World” gang philosophy of the rap game in “The Land” (Cleveland, OH). If an artist isn’t down with one of the “cliques,” he or she may never get that break, it’s that simple. Clearly unfazed by the current state of affairs, when it was Bank’s turn to chime in on the conversation, he responded  “no comment,” as he maintained the enigmatism in his disposition and “eh” attitude (with his .25 pistol within arm’s reach).

An Internet search on the tRapper yields intense visuals: bandos, baking soda in the pot on the stove, firearms, and as an added bonus, Banks makes it difficult to question the authenticity of his artistry. For instance, in his video “Da Opps” Banks gets a call from a baby g  that his enemies are on the prowl. For the rest of the video, Banks, accompanied by more baby folks, waves pistols and black bandannas in the camera; they make pitchfork symbols with their fingers ( a common gesture amongst members of the Gangster Disciple Nation), and represent for Boss Gang Association, Bank’s label.

The grind and the hustle of being an independent artist is not new to the BGA boss. In fact, he’s dabbled in just about everything from battle rap to wax. He’s even rubbed shoulders with Doe boy  (@doeboyfbg) signee Killa Cedd (@killaceddkane), who’s currently completing a jail sentence. While reviewing some new content with Bank’s he mentioned that he’s in the process of putting together new concepts and ideas; focusing more on singles and visuals as opposed to the typical mixtape run of so many rappers today. His two latest videos “Run Up On Me,” and “Front U A Pack” are  definitely worth checking out.


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